Hey everyone!My name is Kali and I am an artist and tattoo artist with over 10 years of experience. My journey did not start easily, because in my country there were no high-quality tools, no pigments, no tattoo schools, no YouTube,so we had to learn from our mistakes ourselves 🙂 

I made my first tattoo to my friend right on the couch, and it was a small inscription on which I spent as much as 7 hours, whereas now I need no more than 5-6 hours to make a rather large-scale tattoo! At first it was so difficult that I almost gave up,but my husband always believed in me, and said “you will succeed”!

Now I mainly work in realism style and do projects with nature design, animals and portraits are the very things that nature created best.

So if you want to imprint wonderful travel memories on your skin, a portrait of your child or your beloved dog,or you are just a lover of nature and animals – welcome to my session, I will be happy to embody your most daring ideas in the style of black&white realism and Chicano style 

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